How To Read Your Grid Location
(and that of your enemy)

by -hero-

Reading your location quickly and correctly on the WarBirds grid map is an essential tool in DoD missions, whether you're inflight or sitting in the tower looking at the radar screen after yet another unfortunate operational loss.  It lets other people know where you are when you get lost and where the enemy is when you see them.  Being able to relay this information in a reliable and expeditious manner is key in staying alive and keeping your fellow Dweebs that way. 

The Map Grid

The map grid in WarBirds is broken up into sections that are marked by their location using horizontal and vertical numbers:

0        1        2        3        4        5        6        7        8        9










Each quadrant on the map is marked with a number pair in its lower right corner and looks something like this:


The Keypad

Every computer keyboard out there has a numeric keypad on the right side (with the obvious exception of laptops).  Of the keys in the keypad, we're only going to focus on the numbers:

7   8   9
4   5   6
1   2   3

Here's how it works.  When you call out a grid location, you start with the map grid location--let's say it's the 4,7 intersect.  From this point, you dissect that quadrant into nine smaller quadrants by using the keypad layout.  So for example, if you were located in the upper right corner of the 4,7 quadrant, you would call out your location as 4,7,9.  See?  You can also omit the commas and type it as 479.

This can be broken down even further for more accurate reading.  So if you were in the 4,7 quadrant, in the upper right corner (which is 4,7,9) and the left side of that sub-quadrant, you would then call out 4,7,9,4.  If you were in the bottom of the sub-quadrant, you would be in 4,7,9,2 or more expeditiously, 4792.  Get it?


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