For Acts of Dweebery

(Both Mock and Historic....)


He's British too, which makes him far more dangerous than he seems.  Look at the way he holds the knife!  This suspect to be regarded as armed and dangerous -- possibly to others around him as well.



This guy is just plain weird....



Play that funky music, da dah...


Thrustmaster evangelist, wanted on charges of aggravated overclocking. 


Here we have Zathras--AKA Lord of HP-UX, finally away from Epsilon 3 and his nine brothers.



Unforgiven is currently under investigation for the questionable disappearance of several of his wingmen--including mgyver, -cman-, and stoopd. 
Friendly fire is suspected.

-Tone- and -Cman-

Tone and Cman anxiously awaiting the results of Con 97's 2v2 duels after destroying 4 F'ing Pigs exclusively by maneuver kill.


We just don't know what to say.

-Buja-, -Iam4-, -Mrs Buja-, and TUA

Buja, watch out!  That bird has a homicidal glint in it's eye!



One of the FNGs rapidly making his way up the broken and rickety DoD flight ladder



The PornoKing mugs for ESPN's camera while being the envy of quite a few of his fellow Dweebs and WBers.


Someday I'm gonna be a real pilot, honest!


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