Duty Roster

Dweebs, when first recruited, start out as Dweeb Cadets (affectionately known as Beanie Babies ).
When they have proven themselves worthy of becoming a regular pilot, they are awarded the vaunted Beanie of Doom  .   Also, don't forget to catch your favorite Dweebs in action in the Dweeb Gallery.   Also, check out the Dweeb's Most Wanted , to see what they REALLY look like!

Bored? Consult our Field Manual  to see our rules and procedures. As if we use them.  For those pilots who have engaged in spectacular flying feats of fear and folly, we bestow upon them Dweeb Awards.

If you want to send email to your favorite Dweeb, just write using their id (without the dashes)@dweebsofdeath.com, for example a guy named dweeb could receive email at dweeb@dweebsofdeath.com ...it's fun, it's easy, it's DweebMail!

Active Duty Dweebs

Handle WB ID Office
Tone -tone-


Zath -zath-
Stoopid stoopd
Goober -goob-
Buja bujdod
Cman -cman- 
Hero -hero- 
McGyver mgyver
Unforgiven -unfg-
Val -val--

ACM Officer

Ozymandias -ozds- King of Kings
Bipe -bipe- 
Kitten kitten
flyboy flyboy
Tigger -tggr-  

Inactive and Reserve Dweebs



Joners joners 
Gsun -gsun- 
Sahara sahara  
Solo -solo-  
Goob -ghub-  
Zilly -zili-  
Kene -kene-   

In Memoriam

Name Handle


Paul Dowden Rhino -rhno-


 Jimmy Broyles 


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