Dweeb-Approved Resources

Dweeb HQ has culled these WarBirds resources for our members.  Use them frequently and with reckless abandon.

WarBirds Resources

These sites are focused on WarBirds or WWII aviation in general.

Alt.Games.WarBirds:   A tremendous resource for any and all WarBirders.  UBB-based newsgroup covering virtually every aspect of WarBirds and the WarBirds community.  Highly recommended.

Dogfighter.com:   A general flight sim information page with links to many flight enthusiast sites.

Furball:   News, Info, Resources.  An unofficial WarBirds and Dawn of Aces site.

Zeno's WarBird Video Drive-In:  Original WWII aircraft pilot training films and hundreds of WWII aviation links.

SimHQ:   The simulation community's headquarters.

Combatsim.com:   Dedicated to hardcore strategy and combat simulation.

Dweeb Hardware Resources

Any Dweeb worth his Beanie of Doom has the right gear for playing WarBirds.  It's prudent, responsible, and most importantly, it keeps us from blaming our equipment for poor performance ;o) .

Flight Controllers

Thrustmaster :    Purveyors of fine flight controllers, for both Mac and PC users.

CH Products:   Makers of the well-respected CH line of flight controllers for both Mac and PC users.

SIMPED Vario Pedals:    The finest flight sim pedals on the planet. 

The Stickworks:    Excellent site for game controller information and utilities.

Logitech:    More sticks and throttles and stuff...

Communication Technology

Roger Wilco :   A must-have voice technology perfectly suited for gaming purposes, an ingenious piece of software that our illustrious leader -tone- helped to create.

Labtec:    Affordable, high quality headsets--perfect for gaming.

Andrea:    Home of the AudioCommander series of Andrea headsets.  Excellent, high-end gear.

Plantronics:    The finest headset equipment made.  Simply the best.

Online Hardware Guides

System Optimization Information:    A guide for beginners chock full of useful hardware info and links to more info.

Tech Report:     Comprehensive hardware analysis and news.  Go here before you buy stuff.

Storage Review:    The definitive online resource for storage product reviews.

Installing a New Video Card:    Go here first and save yourself major pain.

Broadband Reports:    If you have a cable modem or DSL connection, go here and tweak it for maximum performance.

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