Dweeb Haiku

These gems are just some of the masterpieces ever to be uttered in our fancied flights of terror.  Some of it is not true haiku in the fullest sense of the word, but it's fairly close in most cases.  Man, poetry critics...


Delicate frog ...
playing against the sky
the night is beginning.
Bright machete
fanning the earth
napalm perfume.


Together we turn.
Head on we deliver death.
Bullets miss, we don't.
Nose down full power dive
Carriers fill my view
Glorious death.


Running from Zeroes
I laugh at their balsam wings
Alas I still die
Planes skim the water
Their radar cannot see me
Alas I still die
 My bullets don't hurt
their fast planes made of thick steel
Alas, I still die.
We approach the fleet
My torpedo hits the water
Alas I still die

Perfect Harmony
Torpedoes kiss the waves
Soryu lies silent

Five Dweebs leave Hornet
The battle is in our hands
The Kaga is sunk


From my lofty perch,
I radiate explosives.
Catch them, Mister Gold!


The gear is rising
Look upward death awaits you
Gold mothers weeping.


Blue sky around me
FW behind me again
I visit tower.
Joystick on my desk,
Happiness is in my heart,
Damn thing does not work.


Irrelevant rule
Our fiery butterflies rain
Colorful damage


Falling rose petals
drift to floating gaijin fields
tranquil tsunamis.
Pacific time blues
late work axed six thirty roll
a thousand regrets


Rising flak flowers
Lift towards floating Dweebs
willing martyrs

Copyright 2001 The Dweebs of Death. All rights reserved.
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