Dweeb Prop-aganda

Essential to any war effort, the Dweebs of Death also make good use of Prop-aganda to instill fear and dread into the hearts of our opponents.  Or at least enough to confuse them so they'll run away from us. 

The Dweeb of Death are reknowned for their literary prowess and gifted prose...if not for our ACM skills.  Contained herein, is some the best work ever to spew forth from the Dweeb Prop-aganda machine.

Dweeb Haiku :  Traditional 5-7-5 with a twist of Dweeb.

Works by -tone-

Tone's night as a Japanese Pilot:   A Pulitzer-Prize winning account of a man, his Nikon, and a boxed lunch.

Tone's Ode to the P39 Bell Aircobra:   Words from our leader about the plane that symbolizes Dweebness.

Tone's "Flight Before Christmas" :   Grab a cup of Egg Nog and settle in for a classic.









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