Posted by -rhno-, 19 May 2001

Tried to go for the true Dweeb ride - Kates as sub for swordfish, but due to side balance, we ended up as the leads for the Spit V fligth from F5.  Can tell we have been doing a lot of strike ops as of late, because I was very rusty in a pure fighter.  Rolled with Stoopd,
zath, and 4 non-dweebs, and buja joined us enroute to the target area.  We were capping for RAF bombers hitting German ships.  Visibility was low in the arena to sim the bad Wx of actual event, and I for one had a really hard time picking up cons.  Managed to keep most folks in sight during multiple engagements and only lost 1 (non-dweeb) to LW, while stoopd managed to get 1 kill.  All RTB'ed safely, while very short on
gas, and all but Zath made it to the field, with Zath dead sticking it just short.

Overall, managed to keep a bit of tactical formation together, despite lots of engagements, didn't get drug low by the LW, got the flight out for a tactical rejoin and then back into the fight again, all dweebs survived and one, stoopd, got a kill, making for a very good night. 














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