Upcoming/Ongoing Missions and Events

The Dweebs of Death have a semi-regular flying schedule, as well as taking part in the S3 Series of historical re-enactments on a very regular basis.  This is where information about flight times and arenas can be found, as well as write-ups and AARs (After Action Reports).

Currently, we have regular squad nights on Fridays at 8PM EST in the WWII Arena.  Generally, we practice our formation flying and try to warm up for S3 missions on these nights.

The DoD is a regular squad participant in the S3 Series.  S3 missions are player-designed, multi-frame campaigns that are loosely based around historical events.  They're very structured and organized with orders to follow, specific tasks for participants to complete, and goals for opposing forces to accomplish over the course of the campaign.  They frequently contain unevenly matched forces, chaotic communications, and random, freak occurences that change the entire course of the battle--exactly the way it was.  In short, the S3 Series represents the best that WarBirds can be--through player development and community involvement.  With the advent of WarBirds III and the better scenario and terrain design tools it offers, the best is yet to come in player-designed campaigns.

AARs:   Read about the exploits of the Dweebs in S3s and Scenarios!

Write-ups:   Debriefs on DoD missions and practice sessions.




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