WB Con98

The Warbirds Convention of August 13-16 1998 saw a goodly number of Dweebs in attendance.  We hit a grand total of 10 at one point!  Joners was kind enough to share his pictures of the event with us.

Fun was had by all...

Val presents Tone a gift...


...and Tone beams with Dweebish pride!


Val is a part time shipbuilder

Bunch of drunk guys wearing Beanies...


Well, none of these guys are Dweebs but what the heck, they're on the roll.  Can't identify them all, but obviously that's Dobe on the top left. :)   Also at bottom right is Doktor from the 305th.  Oz and ==au== stayed at his place one night on the trip down to the Con.  A most excellent host, even for a buff guy... :)


Buja caught napping...  :)

How close were you to the Mig?


It's Krod!


We were INSIDE it!


Tone concentrates in the motion
simulator while Thing looks on...

Val experiments with the Dark Side....


...due to this Dweeb's influence.


Huh? What? I was awake!


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