Apply for Dweeb Membership

We're always looking for qualified applicants in pursuit of the prestigious Beanie of Doom.  But that doesn't mean that you should apply, certainly not without evaluating your self-esteem.  Since you're considering joining the Dweebs of Death, you might also consider some of these fine mental health alternatives:

My Online Therapist:  Relax.  Take a seat.  Speak your mind.  We're here to listen!

Shame and Group Psychotherapy:  An excellent resource for those that have succumbed to the seemingly impossible incompetence of the DoD in aerial combat.  We send them plenty of referrals, particularly after 2v2 tournaments at WB Cons.

AskPsychMD:  Covers everything from soup to nuts...get it?

The Lunatics' Liberation Front:  Guess who runs this asylum?!

If none of these therapies appeal to you (or if you've tried them all to no avail), email Dweeb Command  with your flight resume, criminal record, and grocery bag preference. 





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